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Creative Writing, Script Writing & Content Writing Courses Delhi


Whatever your eventual writing ambitions may be, a wide range of comprehensive courses are the excellent way to begin with. You can do it part-time or just by sitting at home. The most important point at this stage, however, is to get the basics right & an aptitude for writing and that is what is offered by the following different courses offered by R. K. Films & Media Academy. The courses are beneficial for the masses, professionals & students of various streams as communication forms an indispensible part for any organization.

Editing & Proof-Reading Course

The course covers an extensive knowledge on the following areas:

• Grammar (Hindi & English) 
• Making a living as a freelancer 
• Mistakes people make 
• Industry of editing and proofreading 
• Proofreading marks
• Career as a freelance proofreader 
• Proof correction marks
• Computers and editing
• Structural editing of novels & non-fiction
• Editing & Proofreading Essentials
• Importance of consistency and continuity 
• Colloquial Language
• Proofreading & design

Creative Writing Course

Creative Writing course aims to cover different forms of imaginative writing styles like writing for drama (for stage & screen), fiction, poetry, autobiography, etc. & aims at covering following topics:

• What is creative writing 
• Ideas Generation
• Short stories
• Character and dialogue 
• Family histories, autobiography, biography 
• Non-fiction
• Novel writing
• Speeches and scripts
• Writing for children
• Poetry writing 
• Scene Setting

Professional Script Writing Writing

• Crafting your own script
• Lucrative, imaginative realms of film and TV 
• Nature of movie making 
• Writers can look to the future 
• Script collaboration - pros and cons
• Mastering the screenplay 
• Role of producer, director and writer
• Script page samples
• Breaking scenes and dividing dialogue 
• Terminologies used
• Analyzing your screenplay   

News Media Course

Key areas of learning in this course are as below:

• Legal and social issues
• News media business skills 
• Writing for the news media 
• Research skills 
• Cultural diversity and the media
• News Story Editing
• Television presentation
• Radio Broadcasting

Copy Editing Course

Also known as sub-editing most parts of the world, the copy-editing course covers the following areas:

• Role of Copy-Editor
• Understanding effective news story 
• Copy-editing for newspapers, magazines and TV 
• Headlines, leading news and breaking news 
• Journalists, the media and the law 
• News layout and design principles
• Planning for publication or broadcast

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